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  • USCG Master of Power and Sail to 200 tons (500 ITC tons), near coastal
  • American Boating and Yachting Council (ABYC) Certified Marine Electrician
  • American Boating and Yachting Council (ABYC) Certified Corrosion Technician
  • National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Certified Advanced Marine Electronics Installer
  • NMEA 2000 Networking certified



Why is certification important?
First, it assures you that the technician working on your boat has had a certain level of training and has been tested by a nationally recognized trade organization.
Second, you have a recourse for complaint in case of customer dissatisfaction.
Third, many manufacturers provide an extended and on-board warranty for some of their products when they are installed by factory approved technicians. The reasons for this are obvious. Every year millions of dollars worth of new marine electronics are destroyed during installation by people who do not understand them or the basics of marine electricity. Manufacturers can reduce this loss and insure satisfied customers with a good installation. With a trained tech both customer and manufacturer are dealing with a known quantity.
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