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Garmin Product Presentations

Great Advances in Fishfinders

The GSD 24 features a vastly improved digital sonar design for superior target definition and deep-water performance.

Garmin GSD 22Garmin GSD 24

            GSD 22                     GSD 24

Garmin22Garmin GSD 24a

Garmin GSD 22 pictureGarmin GSD 24 picture

GSD 26

Garmin GSD 26

•No-excuses, all digital, black-box sounder specifically targeting the serious sport-fisherman.   30 x better target separation
•Longer, full frequency sweep sent each pulse for more energy on target while maintaining resolution
•Allows sweep of frequencies to be sent in each pulse or dial in single frequency to highlight your favorite fish species
•True dual-channel operation:  dual-transceivers allow for simultaneous and independent transducer operation
•Track the bottom in deep water with low CHIRP on one channel and fish with high CHIRP on the other channel
GSD 26 231 feet
GSD 26 258
GSD 26 15800

Great shallow water resolution too.

GSD 26 shallow
GSD 26 3.2 feet

Simpler Autopilots – GHP 20

GHP 20

•One pump fits most applications

•Adjusts flow depending on steering system

•Aims for optimal “Lock to Lock” time

•At slow speeds, can increase turn rates

19X Antenna for Faster Tracking


•Shipping now with 6000/7000

•Shipping with 4000/5000 in Q4

•10hz refresh rate – Position and Heading

•Much smoother – especially at slow speeds

•32 channel receiver tracks multiple constellations for better accuracy

•Hi sensitive receiver…allows under deck mount